Monday, April 8, 2013

Regular Service for the GTR but get new tips to maintain it's gear box

The GTR has not been actively used this last few month. I spent most of my time on the Nouvo LC. This is because the gear box is very noisy and the clutch feels like slipping. I afraid, if I ride it to work, it may stall on the highway.

So, yesterday I went for a regular servicing. Just to changes the engine and gear oil and tightened the cone bearing of the handle bar.

It was quickly done and the mechanic seem like he knew what he was doing. What really surprised me was his suggestion. He advise me to fill up the gear box with 2 bottle of gear oil (instead on 1 bottle as usual). He said, GTR problem was always overheating at the gear box. One of the reason because, the volume of the gear oil was too small.

So< I took his advise. I change the engine oil with Motul for Scooter and add 2 bottles of gear oil to the gear box.

From my observation, after the first bottle, the is no sign of oil coming out of the gear box. Only after completion of the second bottle, only the newly filled gear oil came out showing that the gear box already full.

That made me thinks, all these while all the mechanics has been putting a wrong amount of gear oil?
Why NAZA never labelled the gear box to be filled up with 2 bottle (200ml) of gear oil?
Why nobody ever given me such an advise before?

Well, for what ever reason, I am going to try it for a few month. If there will be an improvement, I will continue adding 200ml of gear oil to the gear box.

What about you?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Some improvement on the transmission problem

I rode to work these last few days on the GTR. I did it really slow. Most of the time at 90km/h.

No problem with the bike. The transmission sound pretty smooth. A few week back I add some additive in the transmission oil. Seem like some improvement there. It's Tufoil.

I went to a new mechanic the day before. He did suggest to me that the auto clutch must be reinforced (by additional welding) to make it last longer. May be I'll do it later. This month until December are critical months. Most of the budget will be on preparation for new schooling year.

The front absorber also seem like having a problem. The front tires wobble too much. Well, everything have got to wait until January.............

Friday, March 6, 2009

Oil Leaking At Gear Box

I sent the GTR for checking of the transmission problem.

They open it up but found no problem with it. But the gasket was replaced and new gear oil added.

I ride to office for two days. It seems okey but, I am still worried. I'll test it some more soon.

While I was at the NAZA service centre, there was another GTR servicing and it is having the same problem with it's stearing............... 

Monday, February 9, 2009

Vibrating Sound at the real wheel

I have not ride the GTR for quite a while. While preparing for my next ride, I accidently turn the rear wheel around on it double stand. Suddently there was whirling sound at certain speed.

The sound came from the location of the gear / auto-clutch. When I carefully examined it, it seems like there was also a leaking of gear oil al over the swing arm / drive belt casing.

It only appears/heard when I turn the wheel at certain speed. My goodness, back to the mechanic I supposed. But I was not free at the moment. I will have to wait for the next weekend to bring it to the mechanics.

I wonder how much will it cost this time..................

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cone Bearing Problem / Stiff handling

My handle was very stiff. It feel like an old bike. It lock the handle bar in the middle and manoeuvring at low speed was really a problem, especially in a traffic jam where you will need to zig-zag between cars and other vehicles. No choice but to get the mechanic to help.

To my surprise, he said the cone bearing (bottom portion) was damaged. The solution, change it with a new one.

So, I did. But, my god, it was expensive. Parts complete with installation was at RM150. After replacement, vroommmm....... the GTR is in good shape again.

Engine Died During High Speed Riding - continue

I was at NAZA agent yesterday. I mentioned about the problem that I had at high speed. According to the mechanic, they had already solve the problem.

There is a fuel pump to regulate the fuel. This fuel pump is too small to cater for proper fuel distribution during high speed riding. That is why I had the temporary engine problem.

The solution, by pass the fuel pump. According to the mechanic also, the original CPI model do not have fuel pump/fuel regulator.

Those owners of GTR out there, give it a try. I will do it soon.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Engine Died During Fast Riding

I was late to the office this morning. So, I push the GTR to the limit.

It was fine for the first 30 minutes but suddently.... brrrrrrrrrrrr....... lost power. I was travelling at about 110km/h when it happened. I released the throttle fully and pull it again. Just a little bit. Engine regain power but pooommmm.......... an explosion like and the exhaust. I continue cruising at lower speed. Luckily I reached my office.

I check out with a few friends, some says that may be due to insufficient petrol being fed to the carburator. And the 'boom' sound may be due to miss firing by the spark plug.

I lost my confident on this bike again. May be no more full throttle and surely no long distance riding.